Sunday, September 7, 2008

Morning 4

Yesterday we peaked north at Traverse City, MI (which is beautiful btw).  We stopped at a brewery, had a beer and some pizza, then proceeded to start cranking south on MI state road 37.

37 is a beautiful drive through state forests and we would go miles and miles without seeing a soul.

We ended up camping at a national forest campground (primitive).  It was fairly lonely, just a few other people sharing the entire campground.

So, interestingly, although we are pretty far inland now, the entire campground is sandy.  What is it with this state?  Is the entire freaking thing just made of sand?  I'm sick of damn sand, it's in everything.

Got up at a decent time and continued the trek towards IN.  We're really making great time and now south of Grand Rapids a bit, having some lunch at Jan's Trailside Cafe.  Apparently one of their specialties is "pasties", I'm having one of course.  The tag line for those is "Just like in da U.P. Eh!"

Anywho, more later as we wrap up the trip..

Bigface, rider of Knuckles

Friday, September 5, 2008

Night 2

Day 2 - no rain!

We're heading north and no rain us predicted, can't wait...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

South Haven

We landed at south haven tonight at a holiday inn express. We got
rained on a ton, are tired of rain and being freaking wet. We are
thinking about the food situation, not sure what the future holds there.

Tomorrow morn is supposed to bring more rain. Argh.

We did visit ND today, took a pic of the gold dome..

Maps broken

Our maps appear to be broken due to issues with Yahoo Pipes. In the meantime, you can follow Zippy:

Eminent Departure

Standpipe and I are on the precipice of departure.  Expecting rain   when we get to MI, but who knows what the future really holds.  Bigface

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

29 hours and counting

I'm doing some semi-final checking of pack items while sipping wine.

Food/Drink/Cooking:  Outside of a flask of whiskey and a camelbak of water, not taking liquids really.  Food-wise, only taking a couple packages of chicken noodle soup and some beef jerky, I think.  Thinking we'll eat at fun places along the road mostly, with an occassional snack here and there.  We're taking a small propane cooking dealio (very small), 2 tin cups, 2 plates, sporks, 1 non-stick pan.

Tools/gadgets:  Think this list is close to final, don't want to overpack.  Basics like multi-tools, ratchet, emerg tire repair kit, glues, tapes, wet wipes, dc->ac power converter/chargers, gps, camera, stuff like that.

Clothes/gear:  Couple pair of pants (convertibles, northface types), few shirts (mostly wicking types), smart wool socks, exofficio underwear, fleece, riding pants, aerostitch riding jacket, elkskin gloves, camelbak, etc.

Then a couple of basics like tent, sleeping bag (compressed in drybag), sleeping pad, drybag for clothes.

Other than a few details here and there left off, that kind of covers it.  I honestly can't take that much more on a bike and still feel comfortable.  Having said that, I'm responsible for carrying the big stuff because as Standpipe says, I have the damn "pickup truck" model of motorcycle.  Whatever, I love it.

29 hours and counting, can't wait to get my ass on the road, it's been way too long..

Bigface, rider of Knuckles