Tuesday, September 2, 2008

29 hours and counting

I'm doing some semi-final checking of pack items while sipping wine.

Food/Drink/Cooking:  Outside of a flask of whiskey and a camelbak of water, not taking liquids really.  Food-wise, only taking a couple packages of chicken noodle soup and some beef jerky, I think.  Thinking we'll eat at fun places along the road mostly, with an occassional snack here and there.  We're taking a small propane cooking dealio (very small), 2 tin cups, 2 plates, sporks, 1 non-stick pan.

Tools/gadgets:  Think this list is close to final, don't want to overpack.  Basics like multi-tools, ratchet, emerg tire repair kit, glues, tapes, wet wipes, dc->ac power converter/chargers, gps, camera, stuff like that.

Clothes/gear:  Couple pair of pants (convertibles, northface types), few shirts (mostly wicking types), smart wool socks, exofficio underwear, fleece, riding pants, aerostitch riding jacket, elkskin gloves, camelbak, etc.

Then a couple of basics like tent, sleeping bag (compressed in drybag), sleeping pad, drybag for clothes.

Other than a few details here and there left off, that kind of covers it.  I honestly can't take that much more on a bike and still feel comfortable.  Having said that, I'm responsible for carrying the big stuff because as Standpipe says, I have the damn "pickup truck" model of motorcycle.  Whatever, I love it.

29 hours and counting, can't wait to get my ass on the road, it's been way too long..

Bigface, rider of Knuckles

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