Sunday, September 7, 2008

Morning 4

Yesterday we peaked north at Traverse City, MI (which is beautiful btw).  We stopped at a brewery, had a beer and some pizza, then proceeded to start cranking south on MI state road 37.

37 is a beautiful drive through state forests and we would go miles and miles without seeing a soul.

We ended up camping at a national forest campground (primitive).  It was fairly lonely, just a few other people sharing the entire campground.

So, interestingly, although we are pretty far inland now, the entire campground is sandy.  What is it with this state?  Is the entire freaking thing just made of sand?  I'm sick of damn sand, it's in everything.

Got up at a decent time and continued the trek towards IN.  We're really making great time and now south of Grand Rapids a bit, having some lunch at Jan's Trailside Cafe.  Apparently one of their specialties is "pasties", I'm having one of course.  The tag line for those is "Just like in da U.P. Eh!"

Anywho, more later as we wrap up the trip..

Bigface, rider of Knuckles

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