Saturday, August 30, 2008

Standpipe & Bigface Brave MI

Travel Agents:
"Knuckles" - 2008 BMW R1200GS
"Zippy" - 2007 Triumph Bonneville

Standpipe aka MaxAnger and I have begun outfitting ourselves for the 4 day trip around Michigan. Basic plan, and I say basic because there's a high likelihood of us diverging from our planned path onto other paths of interest, is to ride the outline of michigan (mostly), sticking as close to the shoreline as possible and avoiding superslab (highways). We'll likely cut back west over the top of Detroit therefore avoiding that city. Entry into Michigan will consist of riding up 31, through South Bend. I'm jonesing to make a forray northward past Mackinaw City, but we'll see how time works for us.

Sleeping arrangements consist of trying to camp in national and state parks along the way, whenever possible. Taking tents, sleeping bags, and basic camping needs..very basic, space is at a premium on 2 motorcycles.

We have waterproof bags, assorted camping needs, tools, emergency equip, etc. and have started the practice packing process, seeing what we can take and what we can't and how to configure, see below. Obviously, this isn't a "tight" pack down, only a practice one to see how things stack up. And, think this is a worst case scenario, I won't really need to take this much I'm hoping.

I'll likely twitter a bit as we go along and blog when I can for more text and info. You can follow my twitter here.

Departure is either Wednesday night 9/3/2008 or Thursday morning 9/4/2008, time and conditions will tell.

Stay tuned...

Bigface, rider of Knuckles

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